Hatz Diesel Engines:

Full power for full satisfaction
As an engine manufacturer with over 100 years of presence we are well known and in demand throughout the world. The goal of all our activities is the development and production of high-quality and rugged products, in order to achieve the guarantor for long-term corporate success: Satisfied customers.

Our design and development always focus on the following aspects:

Two essential qualities characterize the economy of Hatz diesel engines: Optimum fuel consumption and unparalleled long service life.
Universal use
The compact design, the many options for power take off, as well as an extensive program of additional equipment provide an ideal solution for all applications.
Fail-safe and reliable
Our engines have proven ultimate safe operability in even extreme climatic conditions. Hatz engines are famous for their good starting even in low temperatures.

Rugged and indestructible
Hatz engines are designed for service life and ruggedness. Top quality materials and production guarantee this. Operation and maintenance of our engines are problem-free even for non-specialists.

Sustainability is our formula for success
All Hatz engines are developed with maximum care, also when it comes to their environmental compatibility. This is not an empty phrase at Hatz, rather it is the corporate philosophy we live by. This is why Hatz is the only manufacturer that offers exhaust-reduced and air-cooled diesel engines over the entire product portfolio. The limits in the US emission standard EPA Tier 4 final and the EU regulation 97/68/EC Stage IIIB are in special focus for off-highway engines. In addition, compliance with other standards is also achieved.